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Hello, we are a couple of photography enthusiasts with a big passion for nature and wildlife.


May-June is the optimal time to see moose and their young in Canada's oldest provincial park, Algonquin in Ontario.


Our recent photography trip up there was only for a few days but we had the most amazing time watching these majestic creatures wallowing in the marshes and chewing on lilypads in their natural habitat.


Although the weather was hot, the bugs were out and the early morning starts were a shock to the system, the sight of this female moose nurturing her 6 week old calf on the lakeshore at sunrise made it all worth it!



Of course, what you choose to do is up to you. All we urge is that you consider the consequences and possible alternatives before acting. We hope you enjoy our pictures.

Our intention with this website is simply to share our images in celebration of the most amazing animals we are lucky enough to cohabit this planet with. At the same time we hope to inspire and motivate you to become more involved in their protection and conservation. As consumers, we hold significant power to influence demand and therefore supply. Even the smallest of acts by each of us can have a big impact, eg selecting only sustainable fish, avoiding products made with seashell, ivory, fur, shark fin, gill rakers, etc.  

Grizzly Bear - Bute Inlet, B.C.

Moose and Calf - Algonquin Park, Ontario

In January we escaped the snowstorms in Ontario and flew west to Canada's scenic Vancouver Island. One of the wild birds we saw a lot of while there was the majestic bald eagle.

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Grizzly--3 Moosebaby-7509-4

Then in March we visited South Carolina and again enjoyed the many different coastal birds there, including these characterful little sandpipers.

Bald Eagle Landing - Vanc Is-6096 copy sandpiper trio-7248 copy